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Just read online, Korea Herald, that Samsung aren't going OLED in 2017 or any time soon. Looks like quantum dot LED's. Shame.
So much for competition to LG. Some UK owners of the 65"E6 are reporting banding issues; with slides clearly illustrating them and stating that sport, light scenes etc. are proving too much for the LG OLED to handle freely. The 55" sets appear better though. I was looking forward to Philips OLED but as it's only 55" also it won't likely stand out as superior, as it's the same LG already decent 55" panel.
Thanks for the tip, Samuel. That's bad news. I've posted an article on the front page.

We should receive the E6 for testing soon, too. In 65". Well, no TV is perfect but we will surely be looking into those banding issues.
XD94 also looks like a solid LCD. I've only seen it at CES, a few dark rooms and at presentations, however I can imagine that it will suffer from some of the same issues as Panasonic DX900.

I can of course only speak for myself when it comes to TV compromises but I would happily accept OLED's uniformity/banding issues to avoid the LCD issues. Unfortunately, the same fundamental LCD issues have been around for a decade now. I have no faith that anyone will fix them at this point.