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Yeah... The answer shouldn't be that hard, right?

I work at a school in Denmark. We have to buy things from certain dealers. Part of a "supply contract", due to my school being a public school.

So. The TV is for Wii and PS3, probably the nextgen in 2-4 years.
I can choose between:
  • Samsung 40"
  • Thomson 46"
  • Thomson 50"
  • Samsung 60"
I think a 50" screen is doable, but it can't be bigger. A 46" is probably better. A 40" screen is so close to being too small.

My problem is... I don't trust Thomson. I have more faith in Samsung. But there are no 45-50" Samsung screens at the shop I have to buy from!!

Can you help me out? This is such a tricky situation.
Is Thomson so bad or "risky" as Yahoo Answers says? So little info on the web about them. A french company, I hear?
Thomson are re-branded TVs from Chinese TCL. But it is hard to really say without knowing the model name of each monitor.

But why not go with the 60"? If many children are to gather around the TV, a big screen is probably preferable.