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By NewTv
Hi! I´m on the market for a new tv, my tv is already six years old and begins to be time to buy a new one. But I needed some help to choose one, I am between three that seem to be the best options for my butget (800€), they are:

1º- LG 49UH770V (830€)
2º- Samsung UE49KU6400 (732€)
3º- Samsung UE50JU6800 (734€)

I honestly do not know which of the 3 buy, I was inclined to the LG, but I have read some reviews that the TV TV is bad for 1080p content. I give more use the TV to view multimedia contents from a pen in FullHD and play ps4, but now I will also be subscribed to the netflix in 4K and wanted a good tv for that, and also for the future because I can only buy a TV from 5 (or 6) in 5 years and I believe that the 4K is the future and I gradually abandoning 1080p to 4K. but the reality now is that I see it all in 1080p just now I have netflix in 4k and also the new Xbox One S that have a UHD player, so I wanted a tv that give me a good image (for this budget) both in 1080p as 4K. I am not of those who repairs at each point of the TV and sees problems in all, honestly just want a TV that's worth my money and play good images in movies and games.

Can you guys help me in choose one?

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By Rasmus Larsen
Of the three I would pick the Samsung KU6400. It's a 2016 model (Samsung "JU" is 2015) and the price is the same. Samsung is using VA LCD panels that have deeper blacks and better contrast than the IPS LCD panels in LG's TVs. IPS LCD has wider viewing angles.
By aldin
Samsung make some nice sets, I have a Samsung LED, it's nice. Sony and LG also make nice sets.