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By Zwepp
#7823 So back in 2010 there was this huge discussion going on about rising blacklevels regarding Panasonic Plasma TV's. In that year I also decided to pull the trigger on a LG 60PK950 (60" plasma) TV. Whilst it didn't had the same blacklevels like Kuro's out there, with 0,04 cd/m2 it wasn't that bad either... So how's the blacklevel on this TV after more than 6 years? Well... It's bad. Really bad. Unfortunately I do not have the equipment to measure the current blacklevel depth, but it's apperent to the naked eye that what is supposed to be black, is now dark grey at best. Even the worst modern LCD TV's produce much deeper blacks. I guess it's inherent to the Plasma technology, since the buzzing from the powersupply with bright scenes is also getting worse, meaning more power is needed in order to maintain the same brightness.

I'm curious what other Plasma owners are experiencing regarding their blacklevels.
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By Rasmus Larsen
#7836 Yeah, rising black levels is not a myth. How much the black level deteriorates over time seems to vary a lot from one model to another (or manufacaturer). I have it too on my Panasonic VT20. I guess I should try to measure it one day.