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Hi Rasmus,

maybe you are able to help me out here. The 2016 range of Panansonic DX series Viera TV's is currently shipping with an updated firmware 3.252, at least new units manufactured around November / December.

Panasonic is not making this new firmware available to all customers (yet). I know of at least 4 people who own a DXW784 model with this.

Germany's support says that they pulled it "because a user reported issues with the Netflix app". My contacts say they don't have any problems with Netflix...

Furthermore it's not possible to downgrade the firmware. I, and probably most other owners of these models would like to benefit from the new firmware.

Could you inquire with Panasonic what is going on and why they are holding back the new firmware?

Any light you may be able to shed on the issue would be welcome.

Thank you
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