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By Steve
I haven't been able to find one professional LG nano cell LCD TV review, yet they are available in shop in Australia, which often receives models very late. This is lack of review models is strange.

Walking past the models was like walking past massive hit spots. They seemed to ave an unusually narrow uniform peak brightness angle, from which it got very dull as you walked past. However, it retained color balance of angle well, which is the claim of nano cell. However, I only saw one 850 series, and a number of bottom of the line series, to say the least, I was underwhelmed. But like the Panasonic 900 being normally tuned down in normal mode (even the 740 in hype mode out shining it many times) it is add to say how good it is without setting it up, plus the top of the line hopefully will be much better. Another issue is, that I don't know if these panels were a few if the already narrow angle VA panels in the LG range. The many IPS panels will hopefully do better in brightness on angles, though they would have to control bleed through (black level) and contrast to really compete. But this is what I suspected from nano cell, that as you angled the thickness of the path through the filter would increase and interfere, reducing brightness here.

We will see how the top of the line tests. But hopefully this is not another lineup of TV's set below the OLED lineup. It would be useful to have it at least have a better than straight VA black level and color that pushed pass DCI further into rec2020, as a reason to still buy. I would prefer that as VA personal viewing display I can also use as a low end display for professional work.