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There are reviews of lots of big name brand sets, but occasionally a lesser brand will produce a really great set.

Years ago, I bought a viewsonic TV cheap, professionally calibrated in factory. It was an ilke VA like set, but an extremely good picture at the time, and even today hooked through the expanded Sony xvYCC gamut source.

Would it be possible to have reviews of the few best small brand sets Rasmus? Thanks.

Top panels may float around to non main manufacturers. Contacting panel manufacturers to put you in contact with set manufacturers which use the panels (reverse contact, they contact the manufacturer to say a leading review site is interested in reviewing their top sets with that panel). Cream of the crop. The site relies on numbers, they wish to sell into other markets, people are attracted to looking at things they can't find elsewhere. Putting the model, plus model names in all other markets, means searches will return your site. The manufacturers then have reason to send for review and for their sales channels to advertise.