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By Steve
#8506 Just released, a 30 inch Del Oled monitor. It achieves 85.8% rec2020 coverage, more than LG TV's or even the Panasonic DX900 series. Still nowhere near 100% though (discernable limit is near 98%) but DCI coverage is 97.5% near the LG OLED. I suspect the rec2020 coverage subset is either a little bit bigger to the side or uneven to get the extra percentage. A good step in the right direction. Maybe this uses the new pixel architecture, like the LG RGB color filter. I do not know where the panel is from. But, could this be the new IMac panel. Apple has been talking about accommodating pro users in upcoming Imac, and using OLED in products. Would be interesting, and an interesting buy. ... d-monitor/

You note that they dropped the frame rate from the proposed 120hz to 60hz. Dell reportedly ran into technical picture issues with the 120hz design. From what I understand there is a way to do OLED brightness by length of time the pixel is turned on. I imagine 120 hz was pushing it to close to oled's timing limits to get the desired picture.

Wat 120hz is useful for is active shutter 3D glasses. If only they could have got it to the 100hz standard, that would have been good enough. So, OLED has got some limits.

Here is a link that talks about the OLED that mentions 14 and 15 inch laptop Oled displays.

Now we can point put how it would be better if they were 1/4 the price or less. Can I have one of those for $699 with a coke please.