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By WarrenB
#8508 I currently have a 55" Samsung UA55C8000XR that I am wanting to replace.
The main requirement is to move to support 4K (and possibly HDR) without spending too much cash.
I am pretty happy with the the image quality on the C8000 and my current thought is that pretty much any mid-level TV now would be better?

I mainly use the TV for XBoxOne - gaming and streaming Netflix.
In future I will be purchasing the updated XBox that supports 4K etc.

I don't want a curved TV and 55" is fine for my requirements.

My choice seems to be between a 55" Samsung KU7000 or a 55" LG UH770v.
Links: ... U7000KXXA/
Reference for the C8000 is ... 1277374551

I have a sound bar hooked up via aux out cable... but am open to replacing with a unit that requires fibre optic link (I will probably need to discuss in the seperate thread)

I am currently leaning towards the LG due to the WebOS interface which looks pretty neat (I am happy to use Netflix on the TV instead of via the XBoxOne). It also has a aux out that I can connect the my existing soundbar.

The reviews seem to be all over the place (I guess largely as there are people comparing to OLED TV that cost more than double).

Any thoughts or suggestions?
By WarrenB
#8518 It looks like we are sitting around 2.5m away from the TV.
So according to ... g-compared I will not see much of a difference for the 4K.

I guess its now a question of the difference that HDR would make.
It might be better to go for a 65" 1080p screen that supports HDR.
Perhaps I can find a cheaper OLED 1080p model.

Any thoughts?