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By Kuschelmonschter
#12051 The SD upscaling is indeed great, better than anything I have seen so far on such a big screen. However, if you want to use the integrated tuners for that, I strongly discourage people from buying Sony, see here. Also the Smart TV capabilities are horrible, see here. If you use the Sony as pure display, you might be good to go. It is still hard to be a Sony fan these days. I would rather sacrifice a bit of the upscaling quality to be honest...
By franco.bluto
#12075 Caveat emptor : I have a 2013 40" 1080p Sony Bravia with a cheap 6 bit dither [+frc] panel that can not make 200 NIT ( cd/m2 ) brightness or accurate color .A good NIT (cd/m2) value is ~so so @ 250- and beter @350 NIT -450 NIT or more for SDR /HD/SD.

I had to put all new LED in that cheap 6 bit dither panel myself at 2 years use .
4K SDR,2K HDTV and 480i SD color is 8 bit .

I have a 2015 4K HDR Sony X85C (UN 55X850C) in the family cinema room now the panel has terrible edge bleeding in a dark room on black /dark and can only make ~400 NIT HDR (not good HDR ) a good value is 1000 + NITS like my new 2016 Samsung UN 55KS8000 /UE KS7000 ,that said it's a decent 4K SDR TV when it works :p

The Sony Andoid smart TV platform is both intolerably slow and unstable same as *little bit faster 2017 Sonys. :p

My Sony 2015 4K HDR Sony X850C (UN 55X850C) required a new mainboard and parts on the LD /PSU board and a new LED bar inside the panel I did that here at 1 yr and 5 mo. of use . :x

My new 2016 UN 55 KS 8000 in here now is way better than my Sony 55 X850C after 25 years of Sony TV's without a single repair or complaint up to a fairly decent for 2005 Sony 1080p 55" SXRD Grand Wega I sold before it blew up the cost prohibitive light engine like most of them . :D

Sony corp. ( all of Sony ) is virtually broke and a shell game among loss and profit divisions and propping up a failing movie /TV content studio now after decades of same and poor management so ............,

Cash rich ( just Samsung electronics ) is 6X larger than all of Sony corp. and maybe sells at least half of the TV's on the planet now and is often more innovative today IMO .

For your needs I would consider a decent 4K SDR Samsung MU 6200,MU 6300,or MU 6400 .

Sony doesn't have it all over Samung for upscaling like before anymore and Sanung is better at CATV/SAT TV picture processing where it matters now and I can see that remarkably here against my X1 reality pro Sony UN 55X850C.

Samsung MU 6300 is same as MU 6200 but only ads Bluetooth and cost.

TBH outside of an arguably real decent and probably best in class 2017 4K HDR Sony X900E or X930E TV I can't see any other Sony LCD outside of a 2017 Sony X850E but only for for Triluminos WGC 4K SDR on the X850E (X85E) . :(