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#12074 bright tv means watch tv in light without picture washed out & bright tv is the best choice for HDR & in dark room no matter about tv brightness 600 nits in OLED or up to 1500 nits in some LED, is this true
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By Rasmus Larsen
#12079 Well, everything is relative. If you outside on a sunny day ambient light in your environment is 30,000+ nits. Direct sunlight is much higher. The reason why it doesn't hurt our eyes, after a short period, is that our pupil adapts to the light in the surroundings.

It's the same with TVs. If you are watching in a very bright environment you need higher light output from your TV. If you are watching in a veyr dark environment you don't need a lot to reproduce a decent picture.

So I'm afraid there is no definite answer to your question. It all depends.

Dolby's research suggests that an ideal luminance range for a TV that would accomodate both daytime and nighttime viewing is: 0.00 nits - 10000 nits. We are nowhere near that.

All nits are not created equal either. Edge-lit LED LCDs start to raise black levels visible when going beyond even 200 nits.