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By Rasmus Larsen
#12144 Most manufacturers are currently working to issue firmware updates to enable HLG support. HLG is the third HDR format and intended for broadcast TV (TV channels).

So in the future, HLG support will be crucial if you are planning on watching broadcast TV in the best possible video quality.

If you want to check whether your TV supports HLG you can download a test video here:

Note that the test video will play on all TVs - that's how HLG is designed - so your TV supports HLG only if it switches to the HDR picture mode. Like this:

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By Rasmus Larsen
#12145 We've done some testing and can confirm that HLG is supported on the following TVs:

- 2016 LG OLED (with latest firmware), except B6
- 2017 LG OLED
- 2017 Panasonic 4K TVs
- 2017 Sony 4K TVs
- 2016 Sony 4K TVs (with latest firmware)
- 2017 Philips 4K TVs
- 2017 Samsung 4k TVs

I've also had it confirmed from an owner of Sony Z9D (ZD9) that it works over the internal TV tuner (DVB-S) after the latest firmware update. You can tune in on Eutelsat Hotbird 13 East.

General information about HLG: ... 1473338993

HLG requires HDMI 2.0b if transmitted via HDMI: ... 1481526782

HLG firmware update for 2016 LG OLED TVs: ... 1500441850

HLG firmware update for 2016 Panasonic TVs: ... 1487319665

HLG firmware update for 2016 Philips TVs: ... 1489426063

HLG firmware update for Loewe OLED TVs: ... 1491303757

HLG firmware update for 2015 and first-half 2016 Sony TVs: ... 1498724600

HLG support in Google's Android TV: ... 1473405995

HLG included in BT.2100 standard: ... 1467719709

Next phase of DVB tuner standard includes HLG: ... 1483671117
By Kuschelmonschter
#12156 I tried to play it on my early 2016 Sony TV based on the ATV1 platform. It played the sample as SDR. I actually expected that as firmware V3.885 changelog only mentions HDMI:
Adds support for HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) HDR format via HDMI input

I tried several players which use MediaCodec Surface (like the native Video player and Kodi) where the TV hardware is responsible for both, video decoding and rendering. So the player does not have to know anything about HDR. It is all done by the TV. The only problem is that the player UI colors will be off a bit...