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Which TV for a sometimes bright room

By Bouddieehh
#12153 Dear all,

I hope you are well. After 8 years and a bit my Panasonic G15 plasma decided to go bad and will 'die' pretty soon the brightness has to go on 100% and there's a purplish color over the grey. As of now I am looking for a new television however I have read a lot of reviews and it's a real tough choice and I really need your help and input making the best decision what TV to buy (55 inch) and my budget is € 3.500 excl wall mount.

I intend to use the television mainly for; Normal TV, Sports (football / F1 racing), Smart TV (netflix), Gaming (RPG/Racing so input lag doesn't matter that much) and movies (currently HTPC as the G15 doesn't have any smart thingies like Netflix). Once the new Xbox One X will be released I will replace my HTPC with the Xbox One X.

As of now I have 4 contenders that might cater my needs. In alphabetical order;
LG C7 (€2.699)
Panasonic 952 (954 in The Netherlands) €3.499
Sony A1 € (3.499)
Sony X93E (€2.399)

I have watched both the A1 and the C7 in the showroom, I think the A1 performed slightly better with motion handling. However the A1 has 2 2160p/60hz HDMI inputs while LG/Panasonic have 4. This TV looks the best designwise. Will have Dolby Vision support.

The panasonic has the best color accuracy, motion handling appeared to be neck to neck with the Sony A1, does have 4x 2160p/60hz hdmi but worse smart tv features... No dolby vision support.

LG doesn't have the best motion handling but does offer 4x HDMI 2160p/60hz and best price. Reportedly has some judder issues etc. Dolby Vision support.

And then there's something they all lack; brightness! I live in a fairly bright appartment where the sun shines in the evening directly on the screen (between 19:30 - 21:30 depends on the season). Since my appartment consists mainly out of glass it can get quite bright here and that's why I have selected the XE93 which is loved by many reviewers and thus a contender regarding the sometimes bright room. Of course closing the curtains help, but that ruins my outside view... And we must take into consideration that it only occurs during summer and I am often 3-5 weeks on holiday during that time.

I would like to ask you whether you can advice me which television my suit my needs best. Many thanks for reading and I am looking forward to your replies.

p.s. Since I already have a Sony in the bedroom I am slightly influenced/compulsive disordered to stick with 1 brand cause of "uniformity" issues... Yes it's horrible.
By franco.bluto
#12192 As is sometimes the case with a Samsung flagship tier LCD panel My retina searing ultra black -ultra clear glossy screen and specifically my Samsung direct FA01 moth eye panel in my 2016 UN KS 8000 /UE KS 7000 may be significantly better at light absorption and refletions than this retina searing 2017 Sony X930E (Sony XE 93) and ultimately better in a bright room or perhaps at least comparable in a bright room and plenty good all around and in the bright and dark anyway as LCD goes .

Semi-gloss Sony X93E 1.2 % not so hot compared to below and Semi gloss sucks compared to my Samsung ultra black glossy FA01 moth eye panel .

Semi gloss is much cheaper to make than a good ultra black -ultra clear glossy panel and you may not want a semi gloss after that trus`me .

I have a semi gloss Sony ( UN 55X850C ) TV too.


Glossy Samsung KS 8000 FA01 ultra black-ultra clear moth eye panel 0.5 %

The most comparable 2017 Samsung TV & panel & test results below to my 2016 Samung UN KS8000 w/FA01 panel are a 2017 Samsung Q9F and the Sony X930E .(Sony XE93)

Sony X930E (Sony XE93)
SDR Real Scene Peak Brightness Show Help
: 837 cd/m2

HDR Peak 10% Window Show Help
: 1540 cd/m2

HDR Sustained 100% Window Show Help
: 751 cd/m2

SDR Sustained 10% Window Show Help
: 1436 cd/m2

MY 2016 Samung UN KS 8000 UE KS 7000 binned for a Samsung FA01 panel
can figurativly sear your retinas in a dark room without a BIAS light or with one trus`m

That said the Sony X93E is shaping up well for a bright 2017 LCD and I would consider one in your position.or find a Samung FA01 panel 2016 Samsung UE KS 7000 or UE KS 8000 (same panel codes) or get some home theater window shades ,I have something like that here also along with the usual blinds and 65K white BIAS light kit for any informed enthusiast.

Darkness near darkness and controlled sunlight are a phatt eye candy bonus trus'me .

My panel below has no significant bright room limitations , good blacks ,color and whites and concomitant gradation details in the panel range far beyond bt709 to 95% HDR P3 DCI P-3 and below .016 ref black ,good low intensity color /shadow details and black details here ,

No significant reflection or color issues at all in my bright room with an adjacent and facing open bright window at any daylight hours and adjacent window facing afternoon sun . It's a stonking good Samsung SUHD QDOT LCD panel.

2016 Samsung UN55 KS 8000 & Samsung FA01 Panel

SDR Real Scene Peak Brightness
: 489 cd/m2

SDR Peak 10% Window
: 1332 cd/m2

HDR Real Scene Peak Brightness
: 453 cd/m2

HDR Peak 2% Window
: 1472 cd/m2

HDR Peak 10% Window

: 1431 cd/m2
souce for test results - -