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By Thomas Pawlowski
#12216 Hello,

Im a new user of Panasonic 50EX700E and I love the beautiful picture (im an average user). For movies I use true cinema I have also tried setting found here on flatpanelshd its all good.
I have althrought a problem with PS4 using on this TV - I have used "normal" mode with game mode enabled and I get eye strain/little red eyes when playing on it:( PS4 setting is on auto in rgb TV too I have also tried limited on both but eye strain/fatigue is there.

I will write setting of TV (default) in game mode:
backlight 60/100
Contrast 100/100
Brightness 0
Color 50
Tint 0
Sharpness 50
(In HDR game the TV automatically increase backlight to 100%)

I will add that I have played on other consoles before PS4 on this TV like Nintendo Switch and PS3 and I don't remember being bothered by this eye problem.

Is there any one who could help me which setting should I lower/increase /turn off to stop bothering my eyes?

Thanks in advance.