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By LorneMalvo
#12595 Good morning.
I'm posting on this forum for a wise advice.

I want to buy a new 4K TV with HDR support. The question is, I think Dolby Vision is growing their presence in the market and I don't want to buy a TV now and see that in 3/4 years went HDR obsolete. I'm affraid content producers drop off HDR10 support in benefitt Dolby Vision in the next years.

So, my budget is 800€ and I saw the Sony KD49XE8096 and the LG 49UJ750V. I love the Sony Android TV and its image quality, but it doesn't support Dolby Vision. In other part, the LG 49UJ750V supports HDR, Dolby Vision and HLG.

If I spend 800€ on a TV, i want to reproduce HDR content without any problem in the next 7/8 years.

So, can you give me your opinion and your advise? Thank you!

I discovered your site throught HDR searches on Google. The most detailed HDR articles I have found on the net!

Thanks and greetings.
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By Rasmus Larsen
#12596 While LG has support for several HDR formats in its LCD TVs, the hardware is not capable enough (edge-lit and IPS LCD panels). The TV will recognize the HDR content just fine but it will not be reproduced as HDR, as the format places high demands on hardware.

If you prioritize HDR, my advice is to go with a FALD (full array local dimming) LCD TV such as the Sony XE90 (no Dolby Vision unfortunately), which may be available within your budget, or an OLED TV, which will surely exceed the budget.

I don't see the industry abandoning HDR10 in the future. Almost anyone I've spoken to agree that it must serve as a base format to ensure compatibility. Of course, never say never.

We have a list of the best HDR TVs here: ... 1508317254
By LorneMalvo
#12598 Good morning.
Thank you for your detailed answer and explanations.

I looked the Sony XE90 and in my country costs more than 1000€, so it exceeds my budget.

So, in your opinion, ¿Which is the best TV for 800€, in terms of image quality and HDR? I looked at Sony KD49XE8096 or LG 49UJ750V, but I don't know if there is better options for this price range...

Thank you again for your answer.