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By edmaiden80
#12606 Hi,

I am looking for some advice in regards to buying a new TV. After researching various models etc I am still at a loss which to purchase. The more I read into it the harder the choice becomes.

I was originally looking to purchase a 65inch 4k model at around the £1000 range but now I am thinking of paying slightly more to get a better viewer experience. I will be using the tv to watch terrestrial television (via a standard sky box), gaming and movie viewing (Hopefully UHD 4K)

Originally I was going to purchase the 55inch LG OLED but ive been put off due to screen burn. Also 65 inch is more appealing than the 55 :P

I have researched various 65inch models some at sub £1000 or just over and the reviews haven't been brilliant, so I thought I am going to have to stretch my budget a little more.

I whittled it down to two Sony models as the reviews were good in regards to picture quality, although the remote and user interface were not great!

KD65XE8596 - around the £1300 mark

KD65XE9005 - around the £1500 mark

Neither of the tv's have dolby vision, but did read XE90 will be getting it at some point, is this correct?
Are there any other brands/models which you would recommend, available at a similar price?
This is a long term purchase for me, and want the set to be future proofed.
Would it be worth holding out till the new sets arrive for 2018 and would this affect the price of 2017 models? I've read that some tvs may come equipped with hdmi 2.1 for 2018 too!

Finally (sorry for the long post)
Is the 65XE93 superior to the XE90 or are they quite similar in regards to picture, lag, balcks etc? (If so I might try to stretch the budget some more)

Sorry for asking so many questions,I just want to make sure I choose the right TV if I am going to be spending a lot of money.


(I found the site via google while researching various tv models)
By Game500
#12607 I am not sure, but I would wait until the 2018 models become available on the shelves, and perhaps the 2017 models will lower their price tags.

However, at the same time, check with LG and Samsung and filter which models you might consider.
By Kuschelmonschter
Is the 65XE93 superior to the XE90 or are they quite similar in regards to picture, lag, balcks etc? (If so I might try to stretch the budget some more)

XE90 won't get the Dolby Vision update, only those TVs with X1 Extreme processor (like XE93) will.

I wouldn't buy Sony though, read my review about Sony Android TV.
By Konrad
#12609 I read about Sony Android TV and still went for a XE9005. I'm not really bothered by Android (after only 2 weeks of use I must admit) but I use a set top box, AV receiver, blue ray player and Apple TV 4K with a Logitech universal remote, so I never really use the TV interface. Of course the Android might crash, the TV switch itself off and what not but I haven't experienced that so far. I also know that I won't get Dolby vision on that TV but I'm not too worried, seems overhyped to me as long as I can watch 4K streaming and UHD blue rays. As far as I know the XE93 is only edge lit as opposed to the XE9005 and the XE94 but I couldn't swear on it but from the research I did the XE94 would be the better choice if you go higher than the XE9005. For me the price difference was too big, I got the 75" XE9005 at a good price I think.

By the way lots of reviews / info about these Sony TVs on YouTube, but quite contradictory so maybe not much help...