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The 2017 Panasonic oled TV's seem to show some strange coloring. I assumed it was some colourisation choice. But I noticed their demo footage again, and noticed that even the pure complimentary was like this. I then realised that this was not just a wider gamut color but could be a stretch between color spaces. Is this a configuration stretch, or are they not using exactly the same color filter as the LG?

It makes me feel a bit sickened looking at it, so it makes me highly resistant to feel like buying it.
In the store? It's probably just running in shop mode. Picture modes such as 'Standard', 'Normal' and Dynamic/Vivid always push even Rec.709 video content into the panel's native color space, which for the current LG.Display OLED panels would be close to DCI-P3.

All TVs nowadays do that, unfortunately. We will start including measurements for all of the SDR color modes in a TV in future reviews - in the future perhaps even all HDR color modes, too. That will make it easy to confirm whether the TV conforms to the content's inherent color space or not.
Thanks Rasmus, but it's not like the other TV"s, they look great, this looks very sickly. I've seen more pure gamut green, and it looks like that. I just it too be he removal of the red component to make purer green, but I saw it in the aqua dancers demo too. Just seeing a TV picture of tropical rainforest turns me off from the greens. I live around rainforests, so know what it looks like.
Mind you. I've seen a Samsung Q7 TV today, and it reminds me of the DX900, just so much more pleasing (though the highlights are jarring) than OLED. I wider how OLED is missing the point. Probably not as good as the DX900 but the balloons tone were so well rounded. With the DX900, you get this visceral thrill seeing the bright tonality, and woody reddish hues. The EZ just looks like, one of those cheap over saturated VA panels in comparison. It's a shame they didn't do a better one in the rec2100 space, and with that ultra black technology. I wish I knew who made that panel, to find if they made a better version?
But where these TVs calibrated or in shop mode? All TVs look terrible in shop mode :)

A TV like EZ1000 can reproduce some of the most accurate colors of any TV so what you are seeing is likely just the color settings that Panasonic has chosen to promote the TV in stores. In a store, each TV must scream to get buyers attention.
Well, that's my point, sort of. Its a detractor, the worst I've ever seen and far from wanting to make you buy, it makes you feel like not buying. But what's really going on to produce these color shifts is the issue. The green looks too green (purer green is duller and a sickly colour like this). I am wondering if they use a custom color filter over the standard LG OLED. This would make the panel duller too, and it is, but most content doesn't require brighter in calibration.
I see you point but I just personally disregard store demos. There's so much good information and discussion on the internet that going into a store that sells based on commission and other incentives often feels like an exercise in cheating yourself. Don't take all of the noise into account. Of course, that's just my opinion :)