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Hi Rasmus/Torben:
Greetings to a fanboy from India. Congratulations on a great site and informative analysis that helped me finalise my first big screen crush, the 2012 Panasonic plasma GT50D that you had reviewed and.. it is a classic :). I am keen to get your views on the best upgrades if I want a larger screen (65) from the present 50. Are any of last year's or upcoming Panasonic LEDs any good. Not sure I want to invest in an OLED now. Maybe Sony? What would be the best upgrade option, that can retain (at least) the qualities of the GT50 if not provide even better picture quality. Being a videophile and a football fan would need motion clarity to also be factored in. Most importantly picture quality evenness on a 65 inch. I would really appreciate a line in response. Cheers and Best Regards.
GT50 was a great TV in its days. Good to hear that it has served you well :)

Panasonic's last great LCD TV was the DX900 but the company is now focusing on OLED in the high-end segment. Perhaps they will have something new to announce at IFA 2018 in September but we haven't hear any rumors.

If you want an affordable LCD TV you should look at one of the full array local dimming sets such as the Sony XE90 or the new XF90. Especially the latter has excellent motion. But be aware of the usual LCD pitfalls such as blooming, clouding, very narrow viewing angles (with VA LCD), and the inability to reproduce true black.

However, in my opinion, a more direct substitute for your GT50 would be an OLED TV. It would also be a step up from the two Sony TVs mentioned.