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By Steve
#14040 I've seen a few TV's with failures in the led backlight arrays. Particularly patterns of led lights going bright.

I was surprised at just how pronounced the bright spots were.

As people who buy torches are aware, leds are extremely non uniform. While you would hope the manufacturers vetted the led supply well enough to keep uniform, the circuits themselves could contribute.

So, are older Led array TV's prone to this?
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By Rasmus Larsen
#14075 All LCD TVs suffer from backlight inhomogeneity to some degree. These issues will show up as bleeding, clouding, banding, streaking or other phenomena. Zone dimming sets also suffer from blooming and potentially banding.

It's extremely hard - almost impossible - to avoid these things unless light can be controlled on the pixel level.

We also include an evaluation of the backlight in our reviews :)