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By ZanderRed
Having decided to buy a 55 inch OLED, I narrowed my choice down to either the Sony AF8 or the LG C8 - seen both, like both but was 80% down the Sony route - love the acoustic screen and own a PS4 Pro (assume they have tweaked the TV to work with it)
I was about to make my purchase when 2 things happened -

1. The LG E7 price dropped to £1500 - a full £1000 cheaper than the 2 above, but a very good TV

2. Toshiba released a brand new 55" OLED for £1500 - with Dolby Vision right out of the box, 4 off full fat HDMI connection unlike the Sony, minimalistic design similar to the Sony, a subwoofer connection, bluetooth - lots of good features

My problem is I've never owned a Toshiba TV, I know they are a lower cost for a reason however it is still an LG panel - so unless their processing is terrible it should be a good picture -

Then the E7 is last years model but it is a very good TV

Any advice? Particularly any experience of Toshiba since they became Turkish :)

Should I save the £1000 or stick to the what I have already seen in the flesh.
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By Rasmus Larsen
I have no personal experience with the Toshiba TV. The LG E7 is a very good TV despite its age. There are no breakthrough improvements in the 2018 models, so I would definitely consider it in your situation.

If you're a console gamer note that AF8 has higher input lag (delay on the input signal from PS4) than LG's OLED TVs. Check this list: ... 1445596417
There are not special optimizations between PS4 Pro and a Sony TV.

Of course, a lot of this comes down to personal preference because all OLED TVs currently all use LG.Display's panels so quite similar in performance in most areas. Personally I would pick the LG E7 and save the £1000. You can use that to buy a load of HDR games and movies (perhaps Apple TV 4K or an UHD Blu-ray player) :)
By ZanderRed
My thoughts are similar, use the extra cash and buy the OPPO or Cambridge Audio player and 4K movies

A bit like mobile phones we often tend to compare various current models whilst forgetting to compare the new models with our existing equipment - any of the TV’s above will be an improvement on my current model.