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By ChrisGG
#14233 Hi, I am standing in front of a dilemma.

I want to replace my 10-year-old Sony with a new TV this year. I watched all the reviews from Hdtvtest or Rtings or read all on FlatpanelsHD. But it feels like it just gets worse the more I read.

I ordered the LG C8 77 for €4400 on BlackFridaySale from a premium reseller. I think the offer is decent because you usually need to pay €5400+ or €4800 from smaller resellers (which I would never order from).

My Habits:
- Watching Netflix and iTunes regularly (sometimes Amazon Prime)
- Watching TV Shows 80% / 20% movies
- Watching when it's dark and normally with lights switched off
- Playing single player games 3-5 times a year with PS4 PRO or Xbox One X (so around 200-300 hours per year)
- Playing with Friends on Switch just 4 fun every 2-3 months
- Using the TV as a music station with my Sono Soundbar

So the general ratio is 90% watching and 10% games.

I must say that I have a perfect eye and I love good experiences, like colors, contrast or sharpness. (not for every price)

I added my personal Pro and Cons list, the most significant two con points on the LG are "possible screen burn" and the software "WebOS." The biggest cons on Samsung are, "no OLED blacks and contrast" and "no Dolby Vision."


Samsung Q9FN 77
- One connect box
- No Burn-in
- 400 - 600 Euro cheaper
- Better for gaming
- Better Software
- Ambiance Mode
- Better in light rooms
- Better anti-reflection

LG C8 77
- 2 inch bigger
- Better for TV shows in General
- Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos
- Better up-scaling
- Better dark room watching
- Better Picture
- Better Design
- Better Viewing Angles

After having such a hard time to decide I am even thinking to take the cheaper NU8000 75 inch for €1700,–.

Maybe someone has experience with both in an every day use and can help me with the tough decision.

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By Torben Rasmussen
#14234 NU8 is not in the same league as the two above. If anything you should look at the Q8DN instead if you are looking to save some money.

Personally I prefer the C8 as Samsungs local dimming still has some issues with latency, which can be a bit frustrating at times. For gaming it is great, though, but that doesn't seem to be particularly high on your list. Other than that I pretty much agree with your pro-list above. You just need to weight them against each other :)
By ChrisGG
#14235 Thanks Torben, are you referring to the US or EU model of Q8? I am asking because the US model has the same panel as the Q9FN and the EU model only uses Edge-LEDs.