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By catelusii
please, help me.... I`m verry confuse! :((

tell me your preference and argumentation. Create a top 5 from this TV set in your opinion.

------------ Sharp 52LE820 (810)
------------ Samsung 55C650
------------ samsunc 50C7000
------------ Samsung 55C6000
-------------Sony 55EX700
------------ LG 47LE8500 ......( this is to small for my needs)

sorry for my bad english

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!
By natsume
it's not that hard to choose between those sets:

1. LG 47LE8500
2. samsunc 50C7000
3. Sony 55EX700
4. Sharp 52LE820 (810)
5. Samsung 55C6000
6. Samsung 55C650

and to be completely honest with you, the 3 first sets are almost in the same league ( lg had a full backlit with excellent black levels, samsung c7000 and sony ex700 are edge led tv with some excellent image processing and also a very good black levels too :) )