Feedback and suggestions on the forums
By eduardokbb
Hello FlatPanelsHD Team! Let me please introduce myself... i'm a Brazilian guy who has been reading your reviews and news since a long time ago! Haha, today I decided to do an account and for the first time ask you something in private!

Well, I know that your reviews follow a `standard`, whats perfect, so we can easily compare monitors and TVs. The reason i'm creating this post is for i'm waiting Sony to release its NX/HX720 and, of course, waiting for yours review of both models.

And well, lets go to the point! I would appreciate if you could analyze the difference between the X-Reality PRO to the X-Reality processor. If it would be wothwile losing the OptiContrast of NX720 to get the 200hz panel and the so
waited X-Reality PRO which is meant to make magic with low quality signals.

You may say that it would be better to get the HX820 if this is my point, and its really true, would be simpler. The main problem is that in Brazil all the electronic stuff are extremely expensive. I'll pay almost 3000dollars for a 40" HX/NX720. The 46HX820 (which is the smallest) will release at least at 5000 dollars!

Sorry for disturbing and bad english, hope you understand what I tried to ask here!