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Hi, which TV to choose lg 55c8 or Sony 49xf9005 or 55xg9505, I will watch in a bright room, for HDR and ps4 films, prices: c8 and xg 9505 are the same, xf9005 is the cheapest, only the picture is important.
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By Rasmus Larsen
XF90 and XG95 are similar in many ways. I think it's worth stepping up to 55". XG95 will be better suited for a very bright room as it has higher overall brightness but the LG C8 can be used in a bright living room, too, no problems. Of the three, LG C8 will deliver the best HDR due to its pixel-level luminance control.
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By Rasmus Larsen
We've saw some of the zone-dimming LCD monitor at IFA and it has only reinforced our believe that HDR is still a fata morgana in the PC ecosystem. If you want great HDR picture quality pick the LG C8.
By rkunreal93
Sony X950G is better than Sony X90f from last year it has the X1 Ultimate chip but OLED produce the best picture quality but don't get as bright.