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By RM_Correia
#173 Hi!

I have seen many different HDMI cables at very different prices.. from 300 euros to 35 euros... can the extra money makes that kind of difference ? Will you get an outstanding picture/sound with the more expensive cables ??

Thanks !
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By Torben Rasmussen
#197 There is no justification for expensive cables if the length is short (i.e. below 10 m). Tests have shown that there is no recordable difference in a cheap cable compared to an insanely expensive one, so if you only need to plug in a BluRay player, go for the cheapest cable.

With longer cables mechanical quality begins to play a crucial part, and then the cheaper cables do have a disadvantage. But as always with these digital encrypted data carriers: Either you get a signal or you don't. There is nothing called "Good or bad zeros/ones". So it is pretty easy to verify if a long cable works or not - you wont be in doubt if it doesn't!
#7440 I will try to do more detailed information.