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By loeweman

Well, after long reflection and studying reviews online, I decided to order a Sony KDL-55X4500 from

I ordered it last week and is now keen to get it ... I took the chance and paid in advance as they charge more than 100 euros extra for paying by credit card. They have a reputation for being honest, so ...

I bought my current 46X2000 in a Danish store after considering to buy in Germany. But I decided to support a Danish store, although it was DKK 4,000 more. The shop was closed shortly after. However, my X2000 has worked perfectly for nearly three years now. That's why I wanted a Sony X again!

I am now curious to see how things go with the new TV, and will report my experience in this thread.
By loeweman
Now something happened! The carrier tried to deliver the TV today, while both I and my wife was at work :( . I had asked to be called before delivery, and had given my mobile number to medianess. Yet they called via landline.

Well, at least it is very close now :)

I must however say that medianess is not very informative on their web site. My order is still in "waiting for payment" state when I log in to their website. But at least they told me by e-mail that they had received my payment.

Overall delivery time came very close to what they promised from the beginning. Only information about state of the order could have been slightly better.

Hope I'll have the TV by tomorrow :)