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I got my Ouya android couple days ago. First a little background from me, I am hard gamer from the beginning. I bought & played to Trs80, Commodore, Coleco, Atari, Sega & finally PC. I have been without a gaming console for a couple of years. I prefer play to PC games i got with PEER TO PEER. I had thought about buying a Xbox One or a Playstation 4 but I couldn’t bring my self to pay $400 to $500 on a console plus 60$ for every game...

With my OUYA i already can play to all my favorite emulators on my TV , go on internet, watch Youtube and i can upload & try tons of android games & apps by USB side loading for free !!

I think the future of emulation on a console like device is in Android. I picked up an OUYA, because I think the future is here. I picked up because I think it is a step in the right direction and I want to have experience in this space. I'm hoping enough people buy them to give it a bit of life because I think it has potential

For $99, I'm really happy with the little bit I've played with it so far. There is s a decent community supporting the little box that is much easier to hack than an OG xBox.

When I heard all the noise about the new gaming console that was a Kickstarter project called Ouya I became intrigued. So, at the beginning of April after the Kickstarter project had become successful I preordered one and i don't regret !

Ouya is NOT a normal console!" "It claims to be a console, but not one that we're thinking of." "One of the big points of Ouya, is to shake up the gaming industry with something extremely different and accessable for users and developers alike.

I would tell anyone who buys a Ouya to remember is that this console only cost you $99.00 and if you compare it to an Xbox One or a Playstation 4 you will be highly disappointed. However if you remember that it is a $99.00 console I think you will have a lot of fun playing the games that are available on it. You may even find some independent games that you really like. Overall despite the few problems, so far I am happy I purchased the Ouya. If you are looking for a gaming console you can play on your TV and it will not break the bank, then the Ouya is worth a look.


I only want encourage this nice open source idea.

Big names of gaming industries try to discredit OUYA console & prevent any advertising of this free concept. I will don't let industries kill this open source paradise !!!

New free games & apps appears every day on OUYA console!!!

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