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By RM_Correia
Along with the best image from the future Panasonic P42V10, I am considering to add this AV Receiver also from Panasonic the SA-BX500. From what i have been reading this is a great pice of equipment, but I would like to ear more opinions from people who have already bought it !

Then I will search for new speakers.... 8-)

Many Thanks !! ;)

By icorrefiare
hi there, i bought the RTR TC4, i was getting glitches so i moved my receiver to sit on top of my servo, has improved but still seem to get some glitches. i think u would get more problems having it sat next to the ESC than u would having it on the servo.
By cuppombobic
HI ppl,

I have been trying to look for rx receiver unit for my zk 2 online but i am not sure which one to buy, could you guys give some guidance? thanks