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By katrine1
#14190 For 2 or 3 days, I can not access the Facebook site. :(( :/
As soon as you accept a request to access a page on Facebook, the following message appears: "Failed secure connection The connection to the server has been reset while the page is loading. to consult can not be displayed because the authenticity of the data received can not be verified.
Please contact the owners of the website to inform them of this problem. "Followed by a" Retry "icon that does not allow more access to the site.The problem is the same, regardless of the access I want: facebook .com, direct access to a game, ... A priori, I do not encounter this problem with another site, I did some research on google and I found that it must appear verified the certificate and other things like he said this site:
what can I do to open Facebook ??
Thank you for the information that can be communicated to me.