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By samduhman
Hardcore gamer here. I've been looking for an upgrade to my Samsung 226bw for a couple weeks. It came down to the BenQs G2400WD and the HP LP2475w but the prices just didn't sit well with me. The HP (IPS panel) was a couple hundred over my budget while the Benq $350 price for 2" more screen didn't jell right.

So I did something I rarely do, bought a piece of hardware with no official reviews. I went off what little info I could find online and the newegg reviews.

Getting to the point. I'm glad I took the leap. I have an 26" lcd that looks great and handles games just as well as my Samsung. I ordered it last week when newegg had a instant $60 off promotion bringing it to $360. Nice score IMHO.

Wrapping up

- Viewing angle you ask? I see the entire screen with no variance in clarity. I play in front of my monitor, not from sides or above.

- I took the chance and bought it from Newegg (crappy lcd return policy). Fortunately I only have one stuck pixel on the far bottom right and no light bleed!

- Fantastic picture, I've only had TN panels so that's what I'm basing it on. I only game so I really don't need the higher end panels. This more than fits my requirements.

- I agree with the possitive reviews on neweggs sight. Thats all we can go on till some professional reviews hit the web. hmm, just found one. It's negative towards the style and design, (shrug) I plug it in, sit it on my desk and look at the screen not at how pretty the housing of the panel is.

- The VK266 vs VW266? Same specs but one has a webcam. That's the only difference.

- In case your wondering what games I've tried. UT3, Quake 4, COD WaW and WoW.

Hope this helps anyone going through a similar decision.