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I just recently purchased this monitor (as a replacement for a Envision 22" monitor that I purchased at Best Buy in Aug 2007, damn power supply died on it) and I wanted to give my opinion on it so far.

The monitor I purchased was the Hannspree - 25" Widescreen Flat-Panel TFT-LCD HD Monitor - Model: HF-259HPB | SKU: 8732749

I'm running an 8800GT OC (factory OC from MSI with the GOOD cooler) so I'm not looking to break any framerate barriers with the monitor.

I had to buy a monitor from best buy since I had a $25 gift cert I haven't used in nearly 4 months.

3 Things that drew me to this monitor initially from researching on

1) Price for a 25"
2) Size (25" is a noticable increase from my 22")
3) 1920x1080 Res - Not the best resolution for the size, however more than what my needs will be.
4) HDMI input

After Gift card and some cash I had from selling stuff on craiglists, it came to $283.43 after tax.

I unboxed it and to my wonderful surprise not only did it come with a VGA cable, but a DVI>HDMI cable as well. Saved me a bit of hassle/money getting one.

Started to pull the styrofoam out per the box instructions and the foam was very snug. (Good for shipping, bad for me). Flipped the box over and slowly wiggled the monitor out of the box.

Removed 3 pieces of styrofoam. 1 for each side of the monitor, and 1 for the base stem of the monitor. (after placing the base on) I set the monitor of my desk and it just felt HUGE, even though it isn't that much of a difference bigger than my old 22". I did notice that it seemed 'bouncy' or wobbly due to how the base / stem was designed to hold the monitor. Thank goodness the monitor is wall mountable if I so choose. The LCD screen was covered with plastic sheet as well as the bezel around the screen.. Removed the plastic, connected the DVI-HDMI cable from my 8800 GT and the new monitor and fired it right up.

I noticed 2 issues immediately. The screen seemed 'fuzy' and the picture didn't seem to reach corner to corner. left about a 2" gap on every side.

First I set the res on it to 1920x1080, image looked a lil better, but not great. Corner issue still existed.
Next I went into the OSD menu and discovered that the factory default is to set the video display for VIDEO (TV type input) vs PC. Changed to pc, seemed a bit better, but the gap issue still remained.

I fool around with the OSD menu for a while and nothing seemed to work. Did the same with the res settings. Still the gap issue remained and started to piss me off a bit. Finally, I gave in checked the Nvidia control panel. I saw a couple options in there I didn't see before. One of them was "Resize HDTV desktop" I tried that and suddenly I was able to pull my corners to where they should have been.

After I applied that, I noticed I could read all my icons/txt without fuzziness. 2 birds with one stone.

I enjoyed the brightness, however I pulled it down about 20% just because I usually work/play in low light conditions most of the time. I am unsure how to 'tune' the colors as I'm not a display fanatic like some are.

Since I have this on my 2nd tier of my desk, I had to test the view angles. From everywhere sit or move my head, I can view everything and there doesn't seem to be any background / color bleed. That was important to me as my last monitor had some bleed around the top edges. However, since the bezel directly around the lcd screen is shiny, when any color is at the very very top (top 1/4") I can see a small reflection of the image in the bezel. Not the lcd's fault, but I would have thought that the shiny bezel part would only be on the top side of the monitor screen, not on the inside groove as well.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase.

Pros: Good overall value, HDMI / 1920@1080, includes all cables.

Cons: Bouncy/wobbly stand, reflection at the top bezel, factory defaults not appropriate for 99% of most users.

Feel free to post your opinions about the same monitor or give me tips about how I can tune the color on it.