Topic: Smart TVs, smart devices, and TV apps
By baiselmareo6
So my parents are finally at the point where they need new TVs (the tubes in their old rabbit ears are dying & the cost to fix is more than a new set). But all the TVs we can find are smart TVs. They were hoping to find "dumb" ones like I have (from 2006) but newer.

Since that's appearing impossible (short of buying used on eBay & they were really hoping for new that will last for years) is there a smart TV that does the least damage privacy wise &/or can have the smart features turned off? My folks are very concerned about privacy & the thought of having a TV with a microphone, & maybe a camera, that phones home about their viewing habits is a bit too Orwellian for their tastes. & with Christmas sales approaching I'd love to have some options for them.

Thanks in advance!