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By Baskyabhai
#16847 Hello everyone,,
I recently bought a cheap Vizio smart TV on a whim. After hooking it up I realized that there wasn't very many apps and the ones it did have weren't worth watching anyway. I decided to return the TV and do some research. From what I have found, there are definitely better options of Smart TVs with more of an App selection, but the majority of Apps still aren't worth watching. Really just Amazon and Netflix. I mainly watch TV through my comcast xfinity apps on computer and mobile devices (not my account so i dont have a cable box), but have come to find it is not offered on smart tvs. Are smart tvs capable of logging on to comcasts non app website? Or is my only option to cord from my laptop to my TV? If thats the case i would be better off buying a cheaper "dumb" tv. Are there wireless options for sending video from computer to tv? Sorry if this is a bit jumbled, I am new to the world of smart tvs.
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By Rasmus Larsen
#16848 The short answer is no. Smart TVs are not great and not designed with the user in mind. The built-in platforms are mostly a vehicle for the TV manufacturer to earn additional revenue from ads and user data.

If you want a proper TV operating system with a rich selection of apps my recommendation would be to buy the Apple TV. The remote can turn on/off and adjust volume on most TVs.