Topic: Smart TVs, smart devices, and TV apps
By geflat
I have a Panasonic GT50 and I want to pull TV channels to my DLNA smartphone as stated in the Flat Panel HD review (comment shown below) of the GT50. The review references an app. I have the smartphone ap to use as a tv remote control. Do I have the needed app's? How do I pull tv broadcasts to my smartphone? Both are connected to my home network.
See review comments below:
The dual-core processor improves navigation speed and makes the Smart Viera platform feel smoother and nicer. However, not perfectly smooth and we also still experience some loading time when entering most apps. But the most interesting part is the added functionality. We took a look at the integration between Panasonic’s Smart TVs and smartphones/tablets in the DT50 review and with the dual-core processor we can unlock the functions that were left out of the DT50. The app for iOS and Android allow users to:
•Push video, photos, music and webpages from a smartphone/tablet to the TV screen

Pull TV channels from the TV onto the smartphone/tablet screen (only on the dual-core models; WT50, VT50 and GT50)