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Oreo firmware for BRAVIA ATV2 is still based on the old Linux kernel 3.10.79 which used to be the baseline for Android KitKat (4.0). You might want to have a look at the CVE reports that haven been filed since then. It also lacks support for Project Treble.

A total nightmare from a security and support point of view which will most probably end soon. It is like in early 2016 when Sony used an old hardware for their new products which have not received much support since then. Same seems to happen to early 2018 models now (X900F, A9F).

Even Amlogic updated the kernel to 4.9 for their older S905X chipset (which is used in a lot of the cheap streaming boxes), also enabling drivers to support Project Treble. Sony/MediaTek are probably the worst Android TV integrator around.
- "Improves the Home screen menu for better usability"

Wow, what a way to introduce a revamped home screen :)

Besides the old kernel and lacking support for Project Treble, is the update roll-out going smootly so far? No reports of bricked TVs on the forums around?
Not much bricking so far.

Most dominant issues on reddit and AVSForums are:

- No audio passthrough after deep sleep
- No 4K file playback via most apps
- No passthrough for file playback via most apps
- 60p frame dropping/stutter at 720p/1080p already (pre-Oreo it was mostly a problem at 4K only)

Passthrough via apps is still limited to DD/DD+. No other formats working. Also for Master Series with new eARC compatible chipset.

Changelog is as bad as always. Also thought that Oreo could have been introduced in a different way. Also interesting:
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Resolves a condition where the TV switches from Standby to Semi Standby periodically and switches on any connected AV Receiver via HDMI CEC without reason
We will see whether this fixes the standby wakeups or whether it just prevents doing a HDMI handshake on such an occasion.