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By Baskyabhai
#16796 Hello everyone,,
I'm about ready to get a 120hz monitor. I take it that IPS monitors with this refresh rates are nowhere near, so it's not worth waiting for one?!

I've been reading tons of reviews on the net about four different monitors, but it's really hard being able to choose one:

Acer GD245HQ
Asus VG236H
LG W2363D
Alienware AW2310

I don't wanna have to change after 6months. Want a monitor that will perform well while gaming but also for it to have 1920x1080 resolution so I can run the monitor and my TV in clone view/duplicate mode with 1080p.

Price is not an issue. And I'm not interested in the 3D features.

So you experts, which one of the four would you recommend for my conditions?! :)

Best regards