PC monitors of all kinds.
By rob49152
My current monitor (24inch Soyo Topaz S) has started developing really bad ghosting problems. I set the monitor to flash between either full black and white, and R-G-B images while I was away at work. That didn't help much with the problem

So I'm looking for a new monitor.

I do graphic design and 3D animation for a living so I'm only going to get an IPS monitor. The heat generated by the Cathode backlights have been an issue in the past. So I've replaced my 2 side monitors with LED Backlit Dell monitors (G2210). Even though they are TN screens they are very nice and work well for non-primary displays.

So I am looking for 3 things in a monitor
1) LED Backlit
2) 24 inch screen with 1920x1200 resolution
3) IPS Screen

I can not find any screen like this from anyone company besides Apple. Any idea why no other manufacturer doesn't have anything filling this void? I can find monitors that fit 2 out of the 3 requirements, but not all 3.

Has any one heard rumblings of anything coming out in the future?