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By NewsyL
Hi Rasmus,

Could you please review your panel search listing for these two monitors.

Currently a search of "L2440" produces:

Lenovo L2440p (widescreen) has a 22 inch 5 ms (g2g) S-PVA panel.

Lenovo L2440x (widescreen) has a 24 inch 5 ms (g2g) S-PVA panel.

Asides from the 24 inch being listed as a 22 inch, I believe that both of these monitors to be TN panels.

Lenovo has this document claiming the L2440p panel is a TN.

and for the L2440x... also a TN!

and Prad.de has tested it and claim it is a TN

The difference between the two models as far as I can clarify is this:
L2440x ............ LED backlight
L2440p ............ CCFL backlight

Regards, Newsy

Ps.... thank you for the time & work you must put into this site. I am active on a couple of photography sites and constantly refer people here.

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By Rasmus Larsen
Yeah, you're right. Both monitors have TN panels. I'm sorry for the mix-up, it has been changed now. :)
I've also added the note about the LED backlight on the L2440x in our database.

Thanks for your feedback and your kind words.