PC monitors of all kinds.
By musique
I am very glad to discover this site, Rasmus. Your reviews are excellent and unbiased which can be hard to find when you're looking for either a computer monitor or a TV and completely in the dark. So many reviews to read and not to mention ....hair splitting decisions and frustration!

I was wondering what do you think about this model by Asus ML239H? I am interested since it is an IPS unit plus I really don't need all that swivel, tilting etc. With 3 year warranty & the price is good ...woohoo! Anything under $300 sounds fantastic! in my ears!

Speaking of other IPS units, Amazon has LG's IPS231V-PN listed (only $259!!) but not yet available. IPS236V is not even listed. I wrote LG about the availability of those units but they weren't very helpful. They advised me to look at Stores such as Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, Newegg etc. but I am not going to buy from them. With almost 10% tax plus monitor recycling fee in California ..... everything adds up. BTW, LG offers ONLY ! year worth of warranty -which really sucks!

That Fujitsu P27T-6 looks beautiful! Fujitsu hasn't emailed me back so I'm guessing being on their ignore list! LOL .... that's OK. I am guessing Fujitsu units are only available for the European & Asian markets. You guys are lucky!

GWAD ...I talk too much! :roll:

Looking forward to hear your expert & excellent advice, Rasmus. :)