Talk about 3D TVs and 3D monitors in this section.
By Baskyabhai
#16143 Hello everyone,,
I know many don't like/can't tolerate 3D, but I love it.

I got a 42" Vizio 3d enabled "TV" years ago that I use as my monitor for my PC and I watch all my 3D movies on it.

The time has come to upgrade my TV but there is no new TV's with 3D at all, that I can find. What happened? They are still churning out 3D movies, why has the home market vanished for 3D displays?
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By Rasmus Larsen
#16168 TV manufacturers decided to abandon the market due to flagging sales and little consumer interest in 3D. In many TVs it was an added cost to support 3D and many 3D TVs were plagued by severe issues such as cross-talk.

You may be able to find a used 3D TV. Look for TVs from 2016 and earlier.