Streaming services such as Netflix, Disney, HBO, Amazon, iTunes, HBO Max, Apple TV+ etc.
The problem with streaming platforms like Android and iOS, is they limit what features you have and your control of the device. They put a preference on limited quality streaming without support for superior physical or free to air tv. It results in a hodgepodge that might appeal to a 6 year old.

It is time to return to Windows and Linux for real support and functionality. You are able to load a vast amount of feature rich "programs" on these machines and have complete freedom to rectify issues, and maybe even rescue your data. You might be able to keep your data and offline usage off the internet. Somebody only needs to refine these systems to Consumer Electronic levels of ease of use and installation.

Microsoft has done cheap windows in the past, they can easily do this. One problem has always been lag in implementing HDMI and codec support in Intel chipsets. But now windows is coming into arm chipsets.

Linux, with leadership, can come together into this ease of installation and use.

Valve, is in a good position to expand and lead a Linux charge (and maybe get a lot more customers).

It is very simple, it just takes somebody that wants to make money by selling you a machine and apps, not tracking you and demanding you stream, and limiting what you can do to maintain and fix your machine, and stopping people from accessing and backing up their data.