Streaming services such as Netflix, Disney, HBO, Amazon, iTunes, HBO Max, Apple TV+ etc.
By Steve
Netflix, unreal. I got Netflix and got a surround sound setup. The quality was so appalling, I thought I lost my ability to enjoy audio. Now, it turns out it was Netflix, and since they have turned on higher quality audio, I hear just fine. Grand rumblings and high frequencies once again echo through my place.

If they can give you high quality images, how come they couldn't give you high quality audio, it's a fraction the size of image data.

I must say, the video quality is not always, the best either, watching The Reservant? The scene when he finds his son murdered and he breathes into the camera, it just broke apart despite being on premium and a 90mb/s feed. Not that great, like the past audio.
By Steve
Bluray is still better. Bit streaming from the nvidia shield to TV, but the TV is not passing the bitstream to the speaker system for it to decode. So, I'm getting pcm. The, Q7 diesnt support DTS, but its suppose to support Dolby (I'm using did vital TV too).

Netflix hasn't even been able to figure out its skip back and forward too. It easily won't do it and will pause instead, and if you play it will play where you skipped from instead, so you have to skip back two for it to start playing again. No step or 2x 4x etc.

Anyway, did you see my Q7 thread, interesting stuff in there about the hisense u9d?
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By Steve
Rasmus Larsen wrote:If you are curious, Netflix has published a technical post about the challenges involved here: ... a0b6145f32

Their "high-quality" audio is a good step in my opinion. I hope other streaming providers will follow and look forward to seeing what Apple and Disney will be offering in terms of video/audio quality.

Thanks Rasmus.