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At the moment, only very few TVs have the capabilities required to support Netflix in 4K. The technical requirement is HEVC – the successor to MPEG4 – but even with HEVC built-in you might run into trouble.

So we have made a list of Ultra HD TVs with support for Netflix 4K. The list will be updated regularly. Something missing? Drop a comment.

Ultra HD TVs with 4K Netflix:
- LG UB8300 (UB830V)
- LG UB8500 (UB850V)
- LG UB9500 (UB950V)
- LG UB9800 (UB980V)
- LG 65EC970O (4K OLED-TV)
- Panasonic AX800 (from ”fall 2014”)
- Panasonic AX900 (from ”fall 2014”)
- Panasonic X940
- Samsung F9000 (requires a new One Connect)
- Samsung HU6950 (HU6900)
- Samsung HU7100
- Samsung HU7200
- Samsung HU7250
- Samsung HU7500
- Samsung HU8200
- Samsung HU8500
- Samsung HU8550
- Samsung HU8700
- Samsung HU9000
- Sony S9 (curved 4K TV)
- Sony X850B (X8505B)
- Sony X900B (X9005B)
- Sony X950B (X9505B)
- Vizio P series (only in the US)

Streaming media boxes with 4K Netflix:
- Sony FMP-X5 (Europe)
- Sony FMP-X10 (US)
- Possibly Philips UHD 880 (coming Spring 2015)

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