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By Rasmus Larsen
This article claims that Apple will launch its first microLED screen (in Apple Watch) next year: ... %2F3943178

I think that's an optimistic timeline and too early but I hope I'm wrong.

In March 2018, Bloomberg reported on Apple's plans for microLED saying that it will take "a few years" to show up in products (with Apple Watch being the first Apple product): ... ng-screens
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By Rasmus Larsen
Of course, this is interesting because if microLED reaches a mass-market products such as the Apple Watch there is a good chance that it can make it to other mass market products in the coming years. And that pixel density is improving fast.

Bring on the Apple microLED TV !
By IsacVries
Hi...everybody needs to comprehend MLED isn't a similar picture as OLED. It's GOOD, yet not what OLED can offer. With MLED you won't get genuine dark. You will likewise potentially see "haloing" around your mouse pointer. Indeed, even with MLED. We have that as of now however, so whatever. In any case, MLED doesn't have the ghosting and consume in issues that truly are an issue for OLED. Nobody keeps their PCs long enough for the natural rot of present day OLEDs to be an issue. So that is disputable. My 2016 LG OLED actually looks stunning. I anticipate MLED and WIFI6. I may at long last persuade myself to purchase another MBP.

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By Rasmus Larsen
That's tre but miniLED is not the same as microLED. MiniLED is only small enough to be used in extremely large screen (outdoor etc) or as a backlight in an LCD TV. MicroLED has the potential to match OLED as a self-emitting display technology for TVs.