New Display technology as well as development and research
I found this series of article on interesting.

"With active matrix LTPS TFTs, it is estimated that the power loss in the TFTs reaches almost 70%. In such displays, only 30% of the power goes to the emitter material or device. Even if microLEDs are twice as efficient as OLEDs, then the whole display will only get to be around 15% more efficient.

In fact we discussed this with industry experts, and it is expected that at least in the near future, microLED displays will only be marginally more efficient than OLEDs. It is estimated that a microLED LTPS display will have a display efficiency of around 10%.

If we look at LCDs, by the way, the situation is much worse - it is estimated that in large-area LCD TVs, the display efficiency is around 3% - even though there’s minimal loss at the TFT because it is voltage driven. But LCDs suffer from low efficiency because of the energy loss in the color filters, polarizers and LC materials. Both OLEDs and microLEDs will outperform LCDs, but it seems as if microLEDs will not be able to achieve a meaningful step up in display efficiency - especially if/when an efficient blue emitter is finally developed which could dramatically increase the efficiency of OLEDs."

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