New Display technology as well as development and research
By Juan
Dear Rasmus.
I am in process of buying a TV and I am wondering which technology, plasma or LED-LCD, is better for the eye.

Is it correct to say that plasma, as it does not have backlight, is less damaging for the eyes after hours of watchingTV? Or plasma and LED-LCD are the same in terms of eye's health?

Thank you for your answer.
By Juan
I have just been in a specialized big TV Store, and about this subject an expert salesman has explained me that Plasma technology makes the eye get more tired than the LCD-LED technology.

He told me that LCD-LED is less damaging for the eyes than Plasma even watching a big flat TV really close to it.

Is this true?
By jarrettwheeler
I wanted to know which one of these TVs types produces least radiation levels?
If you are interested in power consumption you will find that all Tvs have now improved plasma are the most expensive to operate. Plasma's use electricity to light each and every pixel you see on a screen whether they are white, colored or even black. Plasma's can easily use three times the energy of a standard LCD and LED use as little as half of the power needed to run a standard LCD.