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By Remmi

I had brand new LE-40A866S1. The design was very nice and quality of the picture was brilliant, I think.
But, then I met something which made me very disappointed, even fooled:

1. There is no direct entry to Favourite list, as exists up to 7-series.

The button as used to has got new function. Also editing feature of Favourite list is removed. These features have the first order of importance on having several hundreds of channels. Handling of Favourite list only by +/- button is not acceptable solution. This means a need to keep a list of favourite cannel numbers on the table and use number buttons on channel changing.

The Favourite list itself is very nice and very useful with program info, but the entry to this list is behind several menu selections and therefore useless.

2. EPG does not follow the Favourite list.

All channels appear in order of cable operator which makes this feature useless. Check of info of top favourites is in practise impossible by +/- button, if those channels have a high order number by cable operator.

Also program info feature on channel changing is missing (I don’t know if there in earlier version as well ever was).

3. Power consumption in standby mode.

On the specs stands "less than 1 W", but in true it is a round 3 W, this is also confirmed by Samsung.

More confusing makes an article on "digitoday" on 12-MAR-09: "EU refuses all digiboxes with higher consumption than 1 W in standby mode since next February and higher than 0,5 W in three years".

The first item is the most important. The way how it works now, is unbearable. I bought this product also to get out digibox, but I went wrong. I can’t recommend this product to anyone until the problems are fixed.

Now my Sammy is returned (by DOA) because of some other quality problems too.

Now I’m waiting for 40B750 or 40B7000.
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By Rasmus Larsen
Hi Remmi. Thank you for your view on the 8-series.

About the power consumption: Unfortunately we did not have our testing equipment when we wrote the 8-series review. The power consumption measurement is obligatory in future reviews, though.
It not acceptable that a 2008 model consumes 3 W, I agree.

I'm hoping to receive the B7000 or B6000 soon. I shall address these issues to see if Samsung has done something to fix it. Hopefully they have...