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Excellent the Review!
I’m a bit concerned about the 100mbit only Ethernet connection, doesn’t seem like they thought it through. Same goes for the point you can spend on new movies but no option to buy new points....it’s like they want their new streaming service to fail.

In the picture quality section is a typo:
“We found that 'Custom' mode has a slightly higher peak brightness of around 750 nits, which is 100 mode than last..” should be “100 more”

The retailer link for Germany (Amazon.de) doesn’t work, it links to the review instead of Amazon.
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An awesome review and finally someone mentions the Panasonic Oleds which never get mentioned in a lot of tv comparison especially in the states. I guess, since Its hard to come by its ignored, I guess. I was all over the Sony A90J 83 inch to replace my LG C9 77 inch . IO miss Sony perfect colors and motion handling which Lg is still lagging a bit behind.
After reading this review and quite a few others I think I'm going to end up with an LG C1 83 inch and save the extra 2k plus with Best Buy geek Squad coverage and Uncle Sam.
Sony price is just too high and Sony prices hardly ever comes down, this Sony lover will be sticking with Lg and staying away from Sony a little longer.