A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
I had read the Sony KDL40EX723 and was going to buy it, but then I saw the Sharp LC-40LE830 review, which won me over. (I live in the US, so the LE830 lacks the 3D component...)

Being on sale this week, the Sharp is an impressive model, even if there is some clouding.

Both the LE830 and EX723 seem to be on par, which is very unusual as Sony is usually a high-end brand. I am replacing my Sony KDS32s-3000 (4 years old but has a very impressive contrast ratio).

I did calibrate the LE830. Out-of-box quality was horrendous, and only movie quality shows the most even gamut between the various colors.

But I do have to ask - the GT30 review, which features some of the same screen captures (albeit not identical frames) - the picture of the red car with crew and the picture with the gold robot on the blue car -- the GT30 seems to do a far better job at showing darker image detail than either the Sharp or Sony and I'm thinking that

Car scene (notice the tires and background wall in both - the GT30 is far better):
http://www.flatpanelshd.com/pictures/sh ... mall21.jpg
http://www.flatpanelshd.com/pictures/pa ... mall12.JPG

Robot (note the shadow detail on the fire extinguisher and bolted metal plate on the machine at the far left, which are virtually nonexistent on the LE830):
http://www.flatpanelshd.com/pictures/sh ... mall20.jpg
http://www.flatpanelshd.com/pictures/pa ... mall21.JPG

Are there other settings that can be altered to bring out these details, or is there a limitation in the 830?

And where can I change the 10 IRE settings?

And, given (a) the price differential between Sharp and Panasonic, and (b) I got the LE830 for 50% less than the regular price, should I really be so fussy over such a detail? (being a sci-fi fan, I'll admit that some scenes seem darker than they ought to be)

By Spira
after reading a lot of reviews especially yours I decided to buy the LE830E. I have callibrated it in movie-mode with your settings. Unfortunately i get this black picture with so much clouding that I can even see it during films. If I reduce the backlight I can reduce a bit of the clouding.
Is that normal? Can I do some picture callibration or should I send it back?

Picture was taken in a nearly dark room.
By nallano
Sometime the model is named with an extra letter:
For example:
- LC40LE830m
- LC40LE830u
- LC40LE831e

What is the meaning of this last letter? Thanks
By nallano

So the LE830M has few differences with the version you have reviewed, and I think it is targeted for the South East Asia region.

The LED Panel is said to be made in Japan
But the assembling has been done in Malaysia

The LED Panel is shiny and not mat
It comes with 3D and 2pairs of active glasses.
but neither Net+ feature, nor built-in wifi.

I hope the LED panel is the one you have tested, and not the one from the earlier version 820.
By nallano
Right now, I am trying to make use of the DLNA function

But I am encountering some limitations:

The TV is connected to my home network through wire
I have been using 3 different Media Server:
- iMediaShare (on iPhone3GS/iOS5)
The server could not find the TV / The TV could not find the server
- WindowsMediaPlayer 11 (on Windows7)
From my laptop, I can see the TV getting connected (Through Control Panel > Media streaming option, I can retrieve the MAC address of my TV
From my TV, I am not able to see any content (photo, music or video)
- Vuze (on Window7)
In Vuze, the device is not listed
From my TV, I can see the root directory \Vuze, but without any content.

I have done the same configuration with my PlayStation 3, and everything is working smooth.

Has anybody experiences the same?
Thanks in advance,
By Rockman
Hi All,

Sorry for making this old thread live again :)

I'm planning to buy a new TV for my living room and can't decide what to buy.

Dilemma is between these two TVs:


I understand that SHARP is very old model, but it was one of the best at the time.

So my question is: will this SHARP still stand up with good picture quality against modern mid-range LG?

I'm looking for a TV with good picture quality and all those smart features are not a concern to me. As now price is similar for both of them as SHARP gets a big discount as it is old model.

What would you choose good-old performer or shiny modern toy?

Thanks and sorry for my English ;)
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By Rasmus Larsen
Despite it being an older model I would still recommend the Sharp over the LG LA660V, especially if the smart features are irrelevant for you.