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By Bandit
Hey Rasums,

My question is based on cost, I really like the Panasonic VT50 Series, there 65" is $3499 right now and I'd prefer a 60" for my home, but they only make 65" and 55" in VT50, and the 55" seems a little small.
Well BB has the 65" VT50 and the 60" GT50 above it in their Magnolia Room and based off the component in Direct TV signal, the VT50 blacks do appear a bit darker, other than that they're almost identical in picture quality.

Question is, do you think by calibrating the 60" GT50 I can get that TV's blacks almost to the VT50 levels?
The 60" GT50 is only $2199, significant difference in price!

Thanks for your site, I'm learning so much and appreciate the effort!

Mark :)
You cannot improve black levels much on GT50 by calibrating it. Plasma TVs are not as dependent on overall brightness as LCD panels where black goes down when peak brightness goes down.

In my view VT50 has an advantage (when it comes to color reproduction and black depth) during daytime but in a dimly lit room GT50 and VT50 are very close indeed and we had a hard time seeing any difference in black levels between the two TVs.

GT50 offers a much better value-for-money proposition in my view. Remember, with VT50 you also pay for the extra 3D glasses and the small touch remote. :)
By Bandit
That makes sense, well I'd still like to stay with a 60" model and keep cost between 2-2.5K, I viewed the Samsung PN60E8000GFXZA the same time for $2099.99. I did get to check out the picture settings, but I don't think any were THX calibrated pre-settings, (BTW I liked the VT50 on the Gaming mode the best) and I like what I saw on the E8000 model. I see you just got that E8000 in for testing, so I'll look forward to your comments, maybe you can share any thoughts between the E8000 and VT/GT Series on this thread if not on your test results?

Thanks again Rasmus,


ps NFL is starting in 45 days or so, can't wait to see my New Orleans Saints on a beautiful HD Plasma! 8-)
By Rahulcube
I am not in a situation to analyze the difference between the Panasonic P65VT50 and P60GT50. As per my primary experience I would both the series has their own advantages and disadvantages. Let me research some time and tell you the feedback. Thanks